AREA Welcome

…staying up-to-date in your behavioural and training knowledge without having to spend a fortune or taking days out of your already busy schedule to attend more courses!

(Plus, of course, the confidence-building that goes with the reassurance that you are getting it right!)

Well, great news; you’re a step away from joining Sarah and her community of like-minded trainers, behaviourists and aspiring canine professionals by uncovering more knowledge and insight on dog behaviour than ever before.

Through a monthly mix of videos sessions, audio seminars, client hand-outs and guides, research discoveries and unlimited access to “The Vault”, an online library of all-things dog, this is THE place for switched on trainers and behaviourists.

Theory’s great, but we’re also about practical application – from body language to helping with aggression, it’s behavioural knowledge that will make a difference.