It’s a widely accepted fact that referrals are the lifeblood of many businesses.

When asked “How do you get most of your customers” most business owners answer ‘referrals’ or ‘word of mouth’.

When asked “What do you do to actively encourage and systemise asking for and collecting these referrals” they look blank and usually express that they don’t.

If you would answer similarly, there’s a problem in your business!

In essence, what you have just said is that you rely on other people’s memory and goodwill to mention you to their friends and family, whether or not they fit your ideal future client type and that you do absolutely nothing to ensure that your biggest source of attracting new business keeps going.

“Now, when you say it like that it sounds crazy” is the typical response.

This month we’re diving into referrals, how to get them, when to ask, how to ask, what the difference between referrals and word of mouth is and how to systemise the biggest source of lead generation in your business so it’s reliable and profitable!