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Avoiding Trainer Burnout

with Sarah Whitehead

MSc, CCAB, Full member of the APBC

Some time ago, I recognised the fact that while our work as behaviourists and trainers is very rewarding, it is also highly challenging - and at times, stressful, and even overwhelming.

And over the years, this has been confirmed by losing several valued colleagues and peers from the field - many of them simply because they could no longer cope with the ever-increasing demands of the work - which is, after all, not just a job, but a vocation. 

In response, I wrote a webinar specifically to help, and as a result, Avoiding Trainer Burnout has been one of my most watched webinars within my online CPD platform, the Inner Circle.

Until now, it has only been available exclusively for members - but bearing in mind the turbulence we have all been experiencing this year, I thought that I should gift it as a little Boxing Day present for you.

The webinar is just over 30 minutes long, but from the feedback that I've had, I believe that it could be life-changing in helping you to gain a new perspective.

During the webinar, I present some pretty powerful ideas, utilising some of my skills and experience while wearing my 'other hat' as an NLPMaster Practitioner:
  • 1.

    Why we might be a group that is particularly vulnerable to 'vocational stress'

  • 2.

    What the implications of this might be on our well being - and our work

  • 3.

    How we might become more aware of what harms us, as well as what helps us

  • 4.

    And - most importantly - what to do about it...

So, as we head out of this year, why not take half an hour to have a think about just how you might like to live your life a little differently in 2021.

At the very least, it will give you a chance to sit down with a glass of something and a mince pie, and avoid the washing up!

With all best wishes,