Sarah Whitehead's new Canine Behaviour Focus Days are an exciting opportunity to discover the most sort after behaviour training topics.


Sarah’s seminars and Masterclasses have become synonymous with excellence in presentation, delivery and content. They pack more into one day than many other courses do over days or even weeks and focus on specific topics that are critical to effective behaviour and training plans.


Sarah’s style is to present top-end information in jargon-free and often entertaining ways – and as a practising behaviour specialist herself, always with an emphasis on how the theory is applied to real life in practice! 


Perfect for: behaviour practitioners, instructors, class assistants, rescue and rehoming staff, veterinary staff, students of canine behaviour and training, dog walkers and passionate owners!


The Last Focus Day of 2016:

Puppy to Adolescent - Their future in your hands

Friday 21st October, 10am - 4pm


When does a puppy become an adolescent? And why does it matter?

In my view, this phase in a dog’s life is every bit as critical as the puppy socialisation stage – in fact this is often the stage where behavioural problems are either made or prevented…

This focus day will look in-depth at emotional, mental and physical needs to make sure that this phase of a dog’s life does not lead to them ending up in a rescue centre – and is perfect for all those who find themselves dealing with highly active young dogs in classes, consultations, welfare or at home! 

"It was a no-brainer for me"

I am a huge ambassador of Sarah's programmes; her knowledge and experience is incomparable to others in our industry. Being an experienced trainer myself, I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined from attending Sarah’s workshops, courses and webinars. 

Stella Bagshaw
"Inspiration on so many aspects of training and behaviour"

I have spent many years building my behavioural and training business and I find Sarah’s ideas, theories and practical suggestions an essential part of my ongoing professional development. 

Kiri Downes

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The event will be held at Dogs Trust, Loughborough (LE12 6SE) and will be from 10am - 4pm

"Unbelievably refreshing and smart"

Sarah’s tips, videos and general attitude to training and behaviour are unbelievably refreshing and smart. I always click on Sarah’s emails as they get into my inbox, however busy I am at the time. We cannot afford to miss out on any knowledge Sarah is ready to share with us. 

Olivier Juste
"Thank you Sarah"

Since attending the seminar in Newcastle I have learnt so much and my list of new things to research is growing all the time. 

Lucy Parkin

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