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Welcome to Sarah Whitehead's Inner Circle: 

The UK's only online mentoring and CPD platform bringing together and supporting trainers, behaviourists and canine professionals.


The one biggest challenge facing every trainer and behaviourist is…

...staying up-to-date in your behavioural and training knowledge without having to spend a fortune or taking days out of your already busy schedule to attend more courses!


(Plus, of course, the confidence-building that goes with the reassurance that you are getting it right!)


Well, great news; you're a step away from joining Sarah and her community of like-minded trainers, behaviourists and aspiring canine professionals by uncovering more knowledge and insight on dog behaviour than ever before.


Through a monthly mix of videos sessions, audio seminars, client hand-outs and guides, research discoveries and unlimited access to "The Vault", an online library of all-things dog, this is THE place for switched on trainers and behaviourists.

Theory's great, but we're also about practical application – from body language to helping with aggression, it's behavioural knowledge that will make a difference.


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Each month you’ll be treated to:

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    A wealth of advice, guidance and forms that Sarah uses exclusively in her own behaviour and training practices

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    Webinars, video and audio seminars and written materials from Sarah

  • 3.

    Unlimited access to The Vault – the most relevant collection of canine behaviour, communication and training research material gathered in one place

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    Priority invitations to exclusive courses, programmes and special events

  • 5.

    3 surprise gifts a year (because we like random reinforcement!)

  • 6.

    A community of like-minded trainers, behaviourists and aspiring canine professionals, with a shared passion to be the best they can for the dogs they help.


All the above for just £35 per month (inc. VAT)

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The one biggest challenge facing every trainer and behaviourist is…

The Inner Circle has been specially created for you if you have an invested interest in acquiring informative, interesting and up-to-the-minute educational material on all things dog - on an ongoing, monthly basis.


If you're a keen training practitioner; are looking to create a business around training; or just want to improve upon your own expertise, then Sarah's Inner Circle is by far the best place for you to make discoveries and expand your knowledge for the benefit of both yourself and the dogs you're helping.


Only someone who lives, breathes, understands and has built multiple successful businesses around dogs can be best qualified to guide you, month-by-month on the best practices for true dog and owner development. And if you've ever thought, if only there was a place where I can access up-to-date information on the best practices and continuous development...


...then you're in the right place, as Sarah Whitehead has created just that.